“Disability doesn’t make you exceptional, but questioning what you think you know about it does.” -Stella Young
I am a proponent of zoning out to a good television show. Watching/listening to a good show can allow a person to relax for a moment and temporarily forget about the day’s worries. This is particularly true if the show is a comedy. Lately I have not had the time to watch as much television as I did last year, but I still look forward to this time of the year; the fall lineup. New shows, new plots, and new characters to fall in love with.
One particular show that has stood out for me is the new ABC show, Speechless. The series makes it debut on Wednesday, September 21 at 8:30pm Eastern/7:30pm Central time. Unlike other mainstream shows, the main character, J.J. Dimeo, is in a wheelchair and can not verbally speak. Usually if a show has a character with a disability, he/she has a supporting role, rarely the main role. To adapt and communicate with others, J.J. uses a light pointer and a letter/vocabulary board. In order to seek the best opportunities for J.J., the Dimeo family finds themselves often relocating. Throughout the show, we get to see how J.J.’s disability not only impacts him, but the family as a whole. As you know, what impacts one person, impacts the entire family unit. Do you have a disability or have a family member who does? How did their disability impact the family? Take time to ponder these questions, maybe you will find yourself being able to relate to the show, Speechless.
One more  thing, I did not mention that Micah Fowler, who plays J.J., has a disability in real life. He has cerebral palsy. More so than not, if a show/movie has a disability, it is usually played by a non disabled actor/actress. This show sets the stage for others to follow suit. Who better to play the part of a disabled character than one who has a disability themselves. Less stereotypes and more facts? I do think so, thus looking forward to seeing Speechless on Wednesday. Follow me on twitter and let me know what you think of the show.

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