A Melody Of Hope

You’re sitting in your car or at home, listening to some music, and all of a sudden, your favorite song starts playing. So, what do you do? Turn the volume up of course, and while you are at it, might as well sing along. The lyrics resonate with you, the melody fills your soul with emotion. For a New York resident, Jason Smith, he finds himself getting lost in the lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s songs. Mr. Smith is a longtime fan, and views Stevie Wonder as an inspiration. Having cerebral palsy, Mr. Smith has faced many challenges, but he said that Stevie Wonder has taught him that “it’s not the disability, it’s what you do with it.” In fact, Mr. Smith said that he has talent and determination; he doesn’t really think about his disability. Little did Mr. Smith know, he would too be an inspiration to others.
Seeking out to meet his favorite artist, Stevie Wonder, Mr. Smith co-wrote a song titled, “I Wonder”, which has debuted on YouTube. The song has been shared hundreds of times and obviously has not gone unnoticed. In fact, Live Nation gave Mr. Smith and his friends tickets to a Stevie Wonder concert in their city. However, the fun did not stop there. To his surprise, Mr. Smith was given the opportunity to meet the man he looks up to, a man who inspires him to be himself; he was able to meet Stevie Wonder. It was a dream come true. The moral of this story is that with the right determination, your biggest dream can be turned into a reality. Don’t give up on your goals, or most importantly, yourself.
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Song of Love – A Tribute for Stevie Wonder

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