Behind The Screen

In the era of technology, it is second nature for some to type, snap a pic, and click send without a second thought. It has become a way of living, leaving every moment in a person’s life open for all to witness. Technology can initiate relationships, while also driving some a part. Technology has the power to help boost a person’s persona, while also having the potential to destroy another’s. The key word is “help” because technology does not have the sol power, it is the person behind the machines, who initiate the actions. One action that comes to mind, is bullying.
By definition, bullying means, using superior strength to influence or intimidate someone. The internet is often used for that exact reason, to intimidate someone. This rings true for both teens and adults. What causes a person to bully? A variety of reasons, such as ability to control, low self esteem, jealousy. Throw in technology, and there is a lack of personal responsibility or consequences behind the typed words/images. However, with the rise of suicides and targeted assaults, the language people use and the modality they use it, is being revolutionized.
Particularly, Instagram is taking a stance to revolutionize the online platform by monitoring negative, dangerous comments/images that can be portrayed as being bullying. Senseful Sensoring is a good way to put it. In 2017, the company began using a tool that would recognize words and phrases that are associated with bullying. This year Instagram decided to take it a step further by doing the same thing visually as well. It launched this month. One example of the visual censoring, would be split screen images because that is often used to compare people.
Instead of bullying, show kindness, which Instagram helps their users do. They have a kindness filter, which would release kind comments with pictures. For me, the take away message should be, build each other up, not tear them down because in the long run, no one benefits from maltreatment. So, not just for one day, month, or year, but all the time, be kind to others.

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