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  • Grieving With Cupid

    February 14 is the day of love. A time cherished by many, while also dreaded by some as well, and the rest just don’t care. Viewed as a day to celebrate couples, it is a reminder that you are alone, if you don’t have a significant other to celebrate with. For those who recognize Valentine’s Day, but are feeling left out, they may choose to celebrate in other ways, like recognizing everyone you love in your life. Who said the day has to be reserved for romantic love? Come on, get with the times.

    For me, since I recently lost my longterm partner this past Thanksgiving, I chose to spend this day of love remembering all of the good times we had. Sure, we constantly showed our love to one another on a daily basis, so this day, February 14, is a time of reflection of how deep our love was, and to me, still is. When a person is grieving, it can be helpful to write, as a way to get out your emotions. Writing, not thinking, just allowing your hand to flow. When you write from your heart, you will be surprised by what comes out, your true emotions; just like when you talk. My partner liked to read my writing, so I wrote him a poem, to which I thought I would share with all of you. Hey, if you are trying to fill the void on Valentine’s Day, writing is one suggestion. It works for me. Some people also listen to music to cope, which is another favorite of mine. Our favorite song was “All Of Us” by John Legend. I do these things in remembrance, in sadness, but most importantly, in love. Grieving over a loved one, lost relationship, whatever the case may be, what do you do to cope? Tweet your answers, and let me know, I want to hear from you!
    Without further suspense, here is my poem, A Single Rose…

    I yearn to hold you close,
    I yearn to feel your presence,
    Without you,
    I am a broken rose.
    Petals wilted,
    Petals crumbling to the touch,
    what happened to our future?
    I feel so jilted.
    Tears fall day and night,
    my chest heavy,
    I need you, I want to hold you tight.
    Color fading, so dim,
    a reflection of my pain,
    the green is disappearing from the stem.
    Quenched for thirst,
    searching for that bit of light,
    I will try to move on without my first.
    I love you to intrinity,
    I love you to the moon and back,
    which will forever be.
    Now, in spirit you are,
    please promise you won’t leave me.
    My love, my sunshine,
    with you by my side,
    I will try to be fine.

  • A Dose Of Laughter A Day Will Push The Stress Away

    Warning: Laughter is highly infectious, and will cause feelings of relaxation. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should be prepared for physical effects such as, organ stimulation, soothing of tension, improvement of immune system, and relief of pain. In addition, researchers at Loma Linda University, found that laughter can boost memory, which is a very important thing as we get older.
    So, with all of the health and psychological implications of laughter, how come more people don’t try to laugh more often? The answer is stress; it causes us to be more serious and anxious. But, do not let your circumstances control you, rather you control them. One way to do this is to incorporate more laughter into your life. It is free, and you don’t have to travel anywhere to get it, because it can be found within yourself. Start with one time a day. Devote some time to watching a funny video clip, listening to comedy, reading a joke, etc. These suggestions are time effective; only takes a few minutes out of your day. Here is a funny clip from The Steve Harvey Show to get you started… http://youtu.be/9fGdiysNbp4

  • STEP

    A young 18 year old woman, with the whole world ahead of her, had just finished her freshman year of college. Summer jobs were being looked for, and plans being made, but little did she know all of that would change before she could prepare. While her friends were embarking on their summer plans, this young woman was going in and out of hospitals, enduring unexpected medical procedures, while permanently losing her eyesight. A summer of possibility quickly turned into one of hopelessness.
    That fall, instead of returning to school, the young woman was recuperating and getting accustomed to her new lifestyle, as a blind individual. The now 19 year old, had some critical thinking to do about her life. The young woman had two options, to give into hopelessness or continue to walk the talk, by focusing on ability rather than disability. The young woman chose the latter option by taking one step at a time. Specifically, here is how she did it…

    Select- The young woman selected a goal to move towards, which for her, was returning to school.
    Transform- After the young woman had a goal in mind, she transformed it into smaller, manageable steps. For example, she and her family researched schools, narrowed down the choices, attained applications, and then applied. When establishing steps to take towards your main goal, it helps to have a deadline. For the young woman, her deadline was the cutoff period for the following school year’s applications. When considering the deadline, also think about the external factors that can unexpectedly alter your timeline. This allows a person to be prepared and not thrown off course.
    Encouragement- When accomplishing any type of goal, it is important to have positive reinforcement cheering for you. The young woman had God, her family, and friends in her corner as she tackled her goal. However, one thing the young woman did not do, which is important, and would have been beneficial, is to directly encourage herself. It is good to have people say positive things about you, but you must believe in yourself too! Saying “I can” every morning will help in the process of moving forward. The more encouragement a person has behind them, the more likely they are to accomplish their goal.
    Perform- Now that the young woman had accomplished all of the above, she was ready to carry out her goal; returning to school. She found herself repeating all of the four steps throughout the process. Ultimately, she ended up receiving her degree.

    The young woman described in this story was me. I am living proof that when you set your mind to it, anything is possible. The trick is goal setting. So, think of something that you want to do, and STEP towards it!

  • New Year, New Tune

    William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” If you think about it, his words are very true; just depends on what role you want to play. It’s that time of the year again when millions of people are trying to carry out their New Year resolution or think of one, if they have not already done so.
    Resolutions are supposed to help people create definable goals and move forward with their lives, but for many it can be an overwhelming burden. A burden that causes stress and is eventually being dropped to the waste side. So, with this in mind, rather than creating a set goal, researchers believe that people should think of a theme for the upcoming year; for example, a year of happiness. I think this is a great idea, and is broad enough to enable people to move forward in their lives instead of looking back with regret about something that they did not accomplish.
    However, I am going to make a different twist out of this suggestion, by creating a theme song for the year; a song that I will regularly listen to and will remind me to keep moving forward despite life’s challenges. Again, that is the point of resolutions, isn’t it? The desired outcome is to enhance one’s life, not subtract from it. What is my theme song for 2015 then? Well, I chose “The Living Proof” by Mary J. Blige. The song is about facing challenges and conquering them. One of my favorite quotes from the song is, “My best days are right in front of me, yet I’m almost there.”
    Your past does not define your future, but it can serve as motivation to help you keep moving in the right direction. Ok, your turn… What will your theme song for 2015 be?

  • Green, Red, Blue, Adults Need To Color Too!

    A favorite past-time for children, if able, is to color. Whether it be coloring books or drawing your own picture, the sense of fun, as well as sereneness, is immeasurable. Have you ever wondered how such a simple activity can occupy a bored or energized child for periods of time? Well, the answer lies within our imagination; it is limitless, a place where all things are possible. The colors, the picture, allows children to express themselves and communicate in another way besides using their words. Coloring works wonders.
    Due to the therapeutic nature of coloring, it is no surprise that adults are finding themselves once again seeking solace from their old childhood activity. Past and current research on relaxation has shown a correlation between coloring and the amygdala. The amygdala is a part of our brain that is responsible for controlling emotion, which is affected by stress. With this in mind, coloring activates two areas of the brain; vision and fine motor skills. It is those small motor movements that allows a person to relax, in return lowering the activity of the emotion controlling amygdala.
    The relaxation from coloring reduces stress by allowing the person to take a mini vacation from their worries. Did you know that they even have coloring books for adults? Yes, they do! If you google coloring books for adults, many results will surface, giving you a wide selection to choose from based on your preferences. In addition, there is always the classic coloring books that will work just as well. Remember, you hold the key to your imagination, so color away and reduce your stress!