Green, Red, Blue, Adults Need To Color Too!

A favorite past-time for children, if able, is to color. Whether it be coloring books or drawing your own picture, the sense of fun, as well as sereneness, is immeasurable. Have you ever wondered how such a simple activity can occupy a bored or energized child for periods of time? Well, the answer lies within our imagination; it is limitless, a place where all things are possible. The colors, the picture, allows children to express themselves and communicate in another way besides using their words. Coloring works wonders.
Due to the therapeutic nature of coloring, it is no surprise that adults are finding themselves once again seeking solace from their old childhood activity. Past and current research on relaxation has shown a correlation between coloring and the amygdala. The amygdala is a part of our brain that is responsible for controlling emotion, which is affected by stress. With this in mind, coloring activates two areas of the brain; vision and fine motor skills. It is those small motor movements that allows a person to relax, in return lowering the activity of the emotion controlling amygdala.
The relaxation from coloring reduces stress by allowing the person to take a mini vacation from their worries. Did you know that they even have coloring books for adults? Yes, they do! If you google coloring books for adults, many results will surface, giving you a wide selection to choose from based on your preferences. In addition, there is always the classic coloring books that will work just as well. Remember, you hold the key to your imagination, so color away and reduce your stress!

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