Grieving With Cupid

February 14 is the day of love. A time cherished by many, while also dreaded by some as well, and the rest just don’t care. Viewed as a day to celebrate couples, it is a reminder that you are alone, if you don’t have a significant other to celebrate with. For those who recognize Valentine’s Day, but are feeling left out, they may choose to celebrate in other ways, like recognizing everyone you love in your life. Who said the day has to be reserved for romantic love? Come on, get with the times.

For me, since I recently lost my longterm partner this past Thanksgiving, I chose to spend this day of love remembering all of the good times we had. Sure, we constantly showed our love to one another on a daily basis, so this day, February 14, is a time of reflection of how deep our love was, and to me, still is. When a person is grieving, it can be helpful to write, as a way to get out your emotions. Writing, not thinking, just allowing your hand to flow. When you write from your heart, you will be surprised by what comes out, your true emotions; just like when you talk. My partner liked to read my writing, so I wrote him a poem, to which I thought I would share with all of you. Hey, if you are trying to fill the void on Valentine’s Day, writing is one suggestion. It works for me. Some people also listen to music to cope, which is another favorite of mine. Our favorite song was “All Of Us” by John Legend. I do these things in remembrance, in sadness, but most importantly, in love. Grieving over a loved one, lost relationship, whatever the case may be, what do you do to cope? Tweet your answers, and let me know, I want to hear from you!
Without further suspense, here is my poem, A Single Rose…

I yearn to hold you close,
I yearn to feel your presence,
Without you,
I am a broken rose.
Petals wilted,
Petals crumbling to the touch,
what happened to our future?
I feel so jilted.
Tears fall day and night,
my chest heavy,
I need you, I want to hold you tight.
Color fading, so dim,
a reflection of my pain,
the green is disappearing from the stem.
Quenched for thirst,
searching for that bit of light,
I will try to move on without my first.
I love you to intrinity,
I love you to the moon and back,
which will forever be.
Now, in spirit you are,
please promise you won’t leave me.
My love, my sunshine,
with you by my side,
I will try to be fine.

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