I Am What I Am

A symbol of opportunity,
A symbol of independence,
I assist those on their journey.
I am what I am.
Stopping road blocks along the way,
I am a symbol of safety.
A high level of trust many have in me,
It is a heightened responsibility.
I am what I am
Standing tall and strong,
I am a symbol of courtesy.
Some people move out my way,
Some offer a lending hand,
Some open doors,
Some even share a part of their story.
I am what I am.
I am a white long cane!

October 15 of each year, is a designated day, where the people across the world pay tribute to the mobility aid that has and continues to impact the lives of many. For me, the white cane represents security. It lets others know that I can’t see them, while also protecting me from obstacles. What does the white cane mean to you?

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