Talk Tuesday: Open Access

Books are the gateway to a whole world of possibilities. Let your imagination lead the way. Whether it is printed, digital, audio, or Braille books, literature educates and motivates, thus making access to all a necessity. For those with print reading disabilities, such as visual impairments and dyslexia, access to information is not on the same level, as with those without a disability. However, libraries, such as the Colorado Talking Book Library seeks to create a more leveled playing field. The library provides formatted books to those with print reading disabilities at no charge. A variety of books can be checked out, including text books. It is. a Crucial service that provides an abundance of opportunity for their patrons.
Unfortunately, the library’s existence is at jeopardy. According to the Colorado Talking book Library’s email, which was sent to it’s patrons, “President Trump’s budget eliminates the Institute for Museums and Libraries Services (IMLS). Specifically, “CTBL receives 25% of its budget and 6.75 of our 13 staff are supported with funds that come from IMLS. If this cut were to go through CTBL services will be seriously compromised.”
Wondering how you can help? The Colorado Talking Book Library urges you to reach out to your legislatures and tell them how this service has made a difference in your life, as well as the impact it will have if taken away. To find your legislature, visit this site

Also, the Colorado Talking Book Library has included a sample letter to write to your legislature…

funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services slated to be cut in the recently released “America First” federal budget. The small amount of federal funding appropriated each year makes a huge difference in our lives. IMLS funds supports the Colorado Talking Book Library which makes a difference in my life every day. As one of your constituents who cannot read standard print, I would not have access to books that come directly to me. My quality of life will be compromised. As your constituent, I appreciate you supporting the IMLS and will watch as the budget moves through this Congress. Thank you for helping to make and keep me connected to reading.

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