“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” -William James
With life comes joy, happiness, but also not making anyone exempt from struggle and stress. If you think about it, life can be like a joy ride sometimes; fun and exciting at times, yet provoking stress during the scary moments. You keep getting in that car, hoping for another thrill, a life changing opportunity. Isn’t that why people wake up each morning, get dressed, and put one foot in front of another? That expectation, hope that their day will bring them one of joy, prosperity. Joy and prosperity can mean different things to people, changing throughout our lives. For example, let’s look at college students.
College is a time of excitement, self discovery, independence, and optimism. Yet, with all of these experiences, comes stress and even depression. Sometimes that joy ride is not what a person expected, or what if it is? The knowledge that the joy ride might end can be stressful as well. With adulthood comes with responsibilities, ones that people may feel they are not ready for. In college, you have new surroundings, new friends, new classes, new experiences, new responsibilities, and on top of that, new fears. So, how does someone handle all of that at once? The answer varies. Some take it in strides, some self medicate, self harm, and others may seek emotional support. There are campus supports to help students deal with their varying emotions, but it is an underutilized resource. Some people don’t seek out mental health support due to lack of time, denial of problem severity, and/or embarrassment. Below are 6 reasons people of all ages, especially college students should seek out mental health support.
Support given.
Trusting, confidential relationship.
Respect for your thoughts, experiences, feelings.
Empowering, providing confidence that you are in the driver’s seat.
Strength to keep moving forward amidst the struggles.
Succeed in your endeavors with awareness and determination.

*If you are in need of mental health support, please visit your campus counseling center or if not a college student, universities offer discounted services to the public, but space can be limited. You can also visit www.psychologytoday.com for a therapist finder in your area. Psychology Today also has some interesting, informative articles on various topics, stress being one of them. Remember, you are not alone, support is a phone call away.

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