Helping You Walk The Talk

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Through confidential virtual coaching, it is Prominent Pathways, LLC’s aim to help those who have been impacted by life challenges and have been thrown off their life’s path, find their way again.

Initial Session
Free initial sessions are 20 minutes and must be scheduled before any full length session can take place. This is a time where coach and client discuss the situation at hand; the type of goals that need to be achieved, and whether or not Prominent Pathways, LLC would be a great fit in assisting with the process. Coach and client are provided with a chance to get to know one another and ask pertinent questions. Remember, coaching is a collaborative process that leads to discovery about one’s self.

Following the initial session, with mutual understanding and agreement that it is a great fit, each subsequent full length appointment will be 50 minutes. For ease of transaction, payments are required at time of scheduling the appointment. Prominent Pathways, LLC understands that life happens and there might be a need to reschedule; cancellation processes and fees will be further discussed in initial consultation.
For secure appointment scheduling and payment collection, Prominent Pathways, LLC uses a secure and client friendly system. If this form of payment is not feasible, please contact the coach to discuss other methods, such as money order.

Frequency and duration of coaching sessions are dependent upon client and their goals. Typically, most coaching occurs between 8-12 sessions. Prominent Pathways, LLC requires a minimum of 3 sessions, with flexibility for additional coaching, as determined during progression of goals.
Collaborating with the client, it is the aim to identify the best outside resources, to maximize self sufficiency. The type of resources rendered are dependent on client’s needs. Having an extensive understanding of numerous agencies across the state of Colorado, and how to effectively access/engage them, Robin seeks to help the client get their needs met the way they want them to be. Each resource consultation provides a maximum of 5 given resources. At the end of the resource consultation, the aim is to have the client walking away with a clear path in mind, to accomplishing their goals. There are no coaching or counseling services offered during a resource consultation, only resources. Contact us to learn more about this service.