Talk Tuesday: A Right, A Necessity Part II


Stand up, for your voice will be heard, it will rise. When you rise, at the end of the long fight, you will find the prize. For a Colorado family, and others across the nation, the long waited prize came in the form of a Supreme Court ruling in March. The ruling states that all children, no matter ability, deserve a high quality education. Specifically, the Supreme Court unanimously voted that each child’s educational program must be ambitious, in light of his/her circumstances. Every child should have the chance to meet challenging objectives, even if the child is not fully integrated into the mainstream classroom. The court made it clear that the current standards were too low for students with disabilities. If you recall, Prominent Pathways wrote an earlier blog post about such standards, and how equality is important to success. As the Supreme Court believes, any standards that hinder the progress of students, defeats the purpose of education for those with disabilities. When it comes to education, every student deserves a chance to perform to their fullest capability. Limited education does not fix a problem, but rather prolongs it. This ultimately makes an even bigger problem; drop outs.
In the past, it has been unclear on what type of uniform standards to hold students with disabilities to. This ruling fixes this problem. Within the imposed standards, there is a more equal playing field among families and school officials. Families will have more bargaining power when it comes to their student’s education; fighting for their rights. Education will be geared to each students individual needs; promoting ability, as it should be. Now, it is up to school districts to uphold the new standards. It is time to give students with disabilities a fair chance to excel to higher levels.

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