Talk Tuesday: Accessibility With The Gett App

It is no secret that people with disabilities face barriers when it comes to transportation. Barriers that include, but are not limited to, cabs not stopping for pick up, inaccessible vehicles, mistreatment of service animals, and overall degradation. With accessibility being pushed more and more to the forefront, many companies are finding themselves being thrusted into the spotlight for lack of accommodations. It is a pressure that is forcing companies to take a hard look at their practices, and how they impact all individuals, especially those with disabilities.
In order for companies to recognize flaws within their practices, it is important for people to stand up and bring attention to the problem. A young teenager, Adi Kushnir did this exact thing. Being born blind, Kushnir was aware of the challenges that come with mobile apps and screen reader accessibility. Screen readers are text to speech programs that verbally output what is on the screen.
When creating software, many developers do not consider the compatibility with screen readers, thus causing inaccessibility. Kushmir came across this issue when trying to use the Gett app, and contacted the developers to notify them of the problem. For those of you who don’t know, Gett is a taxi-hailing app that makes finding transportation more easier. Thanks to Kushnir, and the CEO’s willingness to listen, Gett made their app more screen reader friendly, allowing for equal access. It should be noted how Gett took great initiative to improve their products, when according to Kushnir, many companies ignored his ideas.
If you are interested in learning more about or trying the Gett app, it is available on Android and iOS operating systems

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