Talk Tuesday: Biking The Way To Accessibility


“Enable the disabled; translate disability into ability; capability, a winning opportunity-indeed a reality.” – Dr. Veena Kumari
The last day in June of 2016 marked the first day of a new, inclusive transition for those living and visiting Westminster, CO. Being known as a state of activity and fitness, many people love putting their endurance to the test by activities, such as biking. Have you ever got on a bike, and just felt so free? Pedaling aimlessly, wherever your bike takes you? I loved to ride my bike, and honestly, that is one thing I miss about having my eyesight. Sure, there are tandem bikes, but I do not believe it would be the same. If you feel otherwise, please share your views with me on twitter, I would like to hear what you think.
The city of Westminster and Zagster, Inc. teamed up to create a program that promotes healthy exploring, as well as accessibility. The program consists of access to over 30 cruiser bikes available at 5 stations. In addition to those bikes, there are 8 alternative bikes for those with disabilities; 3 hand bikes and 5 trikes. With less than a handful of other states (Maryland and Indiana) signing onto the program, Colorado is setting the stage for other states to think outside of the box.
Some guidelines for the program is that riders must be 18 years or older. People have the option for signing up for hourly, monthly, or annual passes. To learn more about the Zagster program in Westminster, visit Zagster Inc. Although Zagster, Inc. is contracted with over 100 communities across the nation to deploy their bike share program, only the mentioned states, seek to make sure that accessible bikes are a part of the program. Let’s help make the number of signed up states for accessible bike share move from less than a handful to every city. Accessibility should not be a luxury, rather the norm.

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