Talk Tuesday: Dolling Up Disabilities

It is a child’s dream to have a doll that they can relate to, which is a big challenge for children with disabilities. Mainstream dolls only fit one formula, excluding varying abilities. Disabilities were not being represented, until now. Earlier this month, the British company, Makies, started paving the way for more inclusion, by introducing dolls that can be purchased with walking canes, hearing aids, glasses, or facial birth marks. In the future, the company plans on expanding their line to include wheelchairs as well.
The new Makies line was inspired by the, “Toy Like Me” campaign. The plea started on Facebook by a group of moms, who are hearing impaired. They challenged toy companies to make their products more inclusive. Now that Makies has rose to the occasion, the company is challenging their competitors to do the same. It is time for all children, the main consumers of toys, to be embraced by the manufacturers.
To learn more about Makies dolls, you can visit their website at

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