Talk Tuesday: Helping Toddlers/Preschoolers Through HugMatch

There is one word that can accurately define the toddler/preschool stage, and that is exploration. During this time, children’s curiosity is peaked as they discover more about their environment, and those within it. They are constantly on the go; a mission to be conquered. Children are learning to evaluate what is around them, through their sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Disability or not, all children go through this period; some more than others. With this said, Chloe Koo, a student from Parsons The New School For Design, developed a toy to help children with and without visual impairments stimulate their five senses.
It is the aim of Koo to help children learn to effectively communicate, by touching and hugging the HugMatch. Wearing eye masks, children use their sense of touch and hearing to decipher between various objects. Teaching children how to socially interact, voice their opinion, compromise, and cooperate with each other, the toy will be a positive reinforcer.
Koo believes teaching social skills to children with disabilities is particularly important because they have to face additional challenges in their lives, which may hinder them socially. The motivation behind Koo researching and developing the toy, was due to her uncle having a disability. Koo is using her uncles experiences to create and promote social awareness for all.
To learn more about HugMatch, you can visit Chloe Koo’s website at

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