Talk Tuesday: Independence With iDentifi

Thank goodness for the era of technology. There are a lot of innovative ideas that keep surfacing everyday. With the surfacing of different apps, there is a need for developers to compete by making their product better and more enhanced than the others. Have you heard of the app, TapTapSee? It is an object recognition program that allows a user to take a picture of something in front of them, and be told aloud what it is. Very cool, to say the least. I had downloaded the app years ago, but only used it a few times. Since then the app has made enhancements and has become more efficient. I re-downloaded it at the urging of my partner. He tested it out and recommended I give it a second chance. I am glad I did because it has become a staple in my daily routine. Did I mention it is free? Yes, it is!
Well, it looks like one of my favorite apps has competition. The competitor is iDentifi, created by a 12th grader in Toronto, Canada. Bright and ambitious at a young age, Anmol Tukrel began working on his app about a year ago. iDentifi uses Google Vision, CloudSight, and Google Translate to help deliver the given information in a reliable, trusted manner. Just like TapTapSee, the app is geared towards those who have limited to no eyesight. As TapTapSee, iDentifi is free in the iOs store, if you want to try it out. For a little suspense, Tukrel plans on incorporating 96 languages, object recognition in video mode, panoramic mode for navigating streets/addresses, and street crossing signs. All to which are not present in TapTapSee. I am looking forward to seeing the additions to the iDentifi app.

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