Talk Tuesday: Tweeting The Way To More Accessibility

You cannot get more visual than pictures; appealing to the human eye. A picture tells a story. You can tell a thousand words by one picture. From Twitter, Facebook, to Instagram, people use these outlets to showcase their experiences with pictures. But, what if you have a visual impairment causing you to miss out on this type of element? The answer is that you are missing out on a lot of information, which can be isolating. From a blindness perspective, when I notice that my friends have uploaded a picture, my screen reader lets me know, by reading “photo.” Not helpful is it? No, it is not. All it does is remind me of something that I cannot see.
As I have mentioned in a previous post, Facebook is seeking to change the photo experience among those with visual impairments, by making pictures accessible. How are they doing this? Facebook is seeking to incorporate a descriptive feature that will describe the visuals of a picture. There are apps that do this, such as Tap Tap See, but Facebook’s aspiration, will save time, and will make it readily available to everyone who may not have a phone to download an app. Now, following in their footsteps, Twitter is implementing a similar concept. The difference with Twitter’s concept is they are putting their users in the driver’s seat; giving them the option to caption their photos. This can be done through the photo sharing tool
This is an innovative idea, but I wonder how many people will take the initiative to caption their pictures. Technically on Facebook people can already do this, but few people take advantage of it. Twitter posted their new feature on their blog, last Tuesday, March 29. Time tells all; hopefully, people will take a few minutes to type a few lines, which will make a difference in more than a few lives.

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