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How many times have you found yourself looking up a restaurant’s menu online to see if they have what you want? My guess is many times. But, for several people, probably including you, looking up menus online can be cumbersome. For example, if you are blind/visually impaired, then you know the challenges that can be faced with screen reader functionality and website accessibility. Some restaurants use flash or PDF for their menus, causing the screen reader to not work properly within the layout.
So, if not all online menus are accessible, then how about just waiting until you get to the restaurant? Well, lets say that you are blind and traveling by yourself. There are no Braille menus there, assuming you know how to read it. Now what? The last option would be to ask one of the staff to familiarize you with their menu. Sounds like a plausible option to me. But, what if the staff person is not accommodating to meet your needs? It is a terrible situation to be in, not able to have access to something that is right in front of you. It would literally be a helpless situation.
In Denver, CO, a man who is blind found himself facing this exact dilemma. The man was at a Jack In The Box, where he asked the cashier to read the menu for him, to which she did not. Rather, according to the customer, after getting no response the first time, he decided to ask again, and to no avail. According to the customer, when the cashier was asked a second time if they had new items on the menu, the cashier kept repeatedly saying, “these right here.” After going back and forth, the cashier called the manager. The customer reported that the manager talked about how busy they were, and they did not have time to read the menu to him. The customer was unable to order lunch that day.
The Jack In The Box is a clear example for the increased need of accessibility, awareness, and inclusion. There is a new app, Tappy, which seeks to incorporate all of these fundamentals. The Tappy Menu app was created by John Petrous. Due to his brother and sister having visual impairments, he is aware of the dining challenges that people in similar situations face. Petrous wants everyone to have an enjoyable dining experience. With the Tappy app, people literally have restaurant menus at their fingertips. So far, there are about eight participating restaurant, and it is the hope that more chains will add their menus as well. I downloaded the app a few weeks ago, and I believe it is an innovative idea that has the potential to improve many lives. There is no other app like it on the market, thus making it more appealing. To check it out, you can go to the app store on your phone.
As a disclaimer, just like with the other products mentioned in this blog, Prominent Pathways, LLC does not endorse any products. Whereas, it is the aim to provide information and feedback for your own reference.

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